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[Digital Flip] 1960's Winston-Salem Ranch Style Home

I found this house for sale on in Winston-Salem listed for $164,900. While looking through the images of the house I immediately felt cramped by the kitchen and like cooking in this space might be a little isolating from the rest of the house.

Peninsula wall cabinets and the peach backsplash really date this house. I wanted to update these aspects of the design, and rearrange the kitchen to open up the space and make the kitchen feel larger.

There's very little working space around the range, I'd want to be able to set my prepped food, cooking appliances, and other kitchen items near my range so I don't have to move as much while cooking.

I've never loved the way that refrigerators look when they're just sitting out by themselves in the middle of the kitchen. We can easily fix this issue by adding some panels to cover the sides of the fridge.

The Reveal

Knowing that the home value was under $200,000, I wanted to keep a low budget the most important part of this project. Using minimal wall cabinets we're able to save money on cabinetry and as a bonus, open shelving is extremely popular at the moment!

By moving the range to the right a few inches and removing those bulky pantries, this kitchen now has plenty of space for cooking without the claustrophobia.

Surrounding the fridge with panels and a built in wall cabinet helps to update the space without making the kitchen feel closed in.

The biggest difference? Removing the peninsula! Combining the dinning room with the kitchen makes this room feel twice as big, and leaves more room for using the table and having guests over.

Project Breakdown

The work that would need to be done to make this project a reality is:

  • Demo of current kitchen

  • Replacing flooring, repairing ceiling

  • Drywalling entire room, painting

  • Installation of new cabinetry and countertops

To keep within a tight budget, I used Wolf Builder's Mark cabinetry with their Sierra White painted door. This is a particle board cabinet with 1/2 overlay and standard drawer glides. Pricing for the cabinetry is approximately $2,300.00 and post form laminate countertops are $570.00 for this space.

What do you think of this kitchen remodel? Would you want to cook in the new kitchen? Leave us your thoughts!


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