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Boutique Vs Bargain: What are you really getting?

With DIY on the rise this is a needed conversation. What are you getting when visiting a big box store or bargain center? While I too, am occasionally lured by the idea of a deal, the reality is usually very different. Based on customer accounts and my own experiences, there are a few reasons to avoid getting drawn in by the bargain mentality.

1) Design Experience

Industry experience when working with a designer is something that is extremely important. If the designer has not come across unusual situations and has experience with complex layouts, please walk away. Even the simplest kitchen designs have things come up that require extensive knowledge. You want your designer to walk you through your project with complete trust and confidence. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

2) Price - Avoid the Gimmicks

This seems to be the biggest lure. You are being lead to believe you are getting a deal. Even the name of the company makes you think you are getting a bargain. Beware of additional hidden costs. Check if you are paying for third party delivery and ask if they know who will be entering your home. One gimmick I've seen is inflating the price with a percentage off "sale" that puts the final price higher than it should be. When bargain shopping know what parts and pieces you are getting and double check with another supplier before purchasing. Don't assume this is your best option.

3) Customer Service

Customer service is huge. Does the bargain center meet on-site, provide a layout and go over all of your options? Do they have a trendy showroom with multiple displays and can walk you through the cabinetry lines? How are problems handled? It's crucial to be able to reach someone right away to handle replacement parts, delivery questions, etc.

Boutique design centers are able to provide so much more! If you have a project you would like to get moving on, or would like to get a conversation started on a future project, reach out! We would be happy to meet with you.

Amanda Zubke


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