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GW Kitchen Studio


Meet our kitchen designers, Amanda & McKenna. Our designers work with you to create your dream kitchen and stick to your budget.

The Design Process

Getting Started

To establish your vision, we schedule your visit to our showroom or meet on location to discuss your plans and review your product options available. We’ll discuss your likes, wants, and needs to help make the most of your budget.


After we've taken our notes from the initial meeting, we'll put together your free project estimate. You'll be invited back to our showroom to go over and view the floor plans created by the designer, discuss budget, and what the next steps are for your renovation or new home project.


Once you've approved your layout with us and made your cabinetry selections, we will schedule an appointment to visit your project to verify measurements before ordering. After ensuring the cabinet layout works with the space provided, the final quote and plans are approved by you.


Your cabinetry is ordered by the us based on the finalized layout that we've come up with together. You'll be provided with a delivery time estimate from us and your delivery can be scheduled.


Your cabinetry is delivered onsite and looked over by you or your contractor. Your contractor will oversee the installation with a copy of the kitchen layout provided by us. 

Enjoy your new kitchen!

The Designers



Amanda is an all-around creative expert with over 15 years of kitchen design experience. She can painlessly help you through your project to give you your dream kitchen.

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McKenna has a great eye for design elements and space with her background in marketing and design. She works creatively for G.W. Smith's Kitchen Studio, designing kitchens to make your dream kitchen a reality. 

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G.W. Smith's Kitchen Studio is dedicated to providing each customer with a unique experience customized to their project. We are committed to our excellent service and stand behind our professional design work and the products we carry. Searching for top quality work backed by years of experience? Look no further than G.W. Smith's Kitchen Studio. Contact us to get started on your project!

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"Hello Mark - You probably are already aware, but I am contacting you in order to let you know what an asset you have in Amanda Zubke.  I am building a home for my parents to be on my farm.  Being unable to sell 2 other homes we own, it meant my budget for this project was “very” limited while my taste and expectation were still high.  This could have been very challenging and very frustrating and I heard nightmares from others who have built homes and with the added limitation of budget I was apprehensive.   However, Amanda has worked with me throughout this project and she has gone “above and beyond” and while again my budget was very limited she always treated me like a “Million Dollar Client”! 


She knew this was a labor of love for me and “she” found products while they were very inexpensive they still had the high dollar look and were still a good quality.   Amanda never limited her level of customer service or availability based on that bottom-line.  I am so impressed with Amanda and her work ethic that I just had to make you aware.   My current project might have been small but because of Amanda you can be assured that I will be going through GW Smith for all my future construction or expansion needs!"

"My budget was very limited and I was always treated like a Million Dollar Client"