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Top 10 "Instagram Kitchens" I love

Let's be honest, we all get sucked in to these perfectly staged and flawless photos online of people's homes. I can easily lose 30 minutes scrolling through my Instagram explore page looking at all the pretty kitchens and trendy decor. It's so much fun taking inspiration from these posts and fantasizing about what elements we'd like to include in our own homes!

While on another binge-scrolling session looking at kitchens, I came up with a list of ten favorites I've come across on Instagram.

1. Ombre Backsplash

This kitchen by @construction2style is a favorite for it's unique backsplash. Designers Jamie and Morgan in Minnesota put an ombre backsplash in their own kitchen project. I love how much thought they put into where they placed each tile.

This kitchen is full of bold choices, from the black cabinetry, to the large pendant lights, and the contrasting natural wood hood. I love that the homeowners weren't scared to go big and it definitely paid off!

2. Farmhouse Heaven

If you're a lover of farmhouse style and have been on Instagram for a while, there's a pretty good chance you already follow the queen of farmhouse @lizmariegalvan

I followed her kitchen remodel project online since they started the renovation and loved getting to watch the whole thing unfold! Liz went for a very rustic farmhouse kitchen design, with white cabinets, a distressed island, open shelves, and vintage inspired hardware. If I ever designed my own farmhouse kitchen, you already know she would be the inspiration!

Find on IG @lizmariegalvan

3. Tuxedo Kitchen

This kitchen by @studiomcgee caught my eye because of the unique wood accents the designer decided to incorporate into the kitchen. I absolutely adore the butcher block section added to the end of the island, the wood beams on the ceiling, and the wooden open shelves on each side of the range.

Find on IG @studiomcgee

4. Emerald + Boho

I found this stunner of a boho kitchen on @beckiowens Instagram. I tried tracking back to the original designer but wasn't able to find it, so if you know please let me know!

I love this kitchen for the trendy green color and the bright warm patterned rugs as an accent! Not to mention all the drawer storage perfect for all those pots, pans, and mixing bowls.

5. Sage Green

I've been crushing on this @sarahshermansamuel kitchen for years! Something about the sage painted cabinets and gold modern hardware has completely captured my heart. I can't get enough of the classy modern vibes of this space and would love to get to cook in this kitchen!

6. White-Washed Driftwood

@waypointlivingspaces posted this kitchen with the launch of their duraform driftwood style cabinets and I immediately loved the style of the kitchen. The cabinets are a beautiful translucent style finish that add a nice texture to the room, and I love the bar area beside the dinning space to help transition the two rooms.

My absolute favorite part of this space is the wall that frames the kitchen. This blue-green color is stunning and really draws your eye to frame the space. I love how easily you could change out the paint color to follow current kitchen trends!

7. Rustic Modern

This kitchen at @_Rafterhouse_ is a favorite for it's blended textures and pattern. I love the backsplash design with the clean white all around it. The grey cabinets also beautifully contrast the wood stained island and open shelving. Top all that off with huge ceilings and my heart does a little flutter in excitement.

The entire space welcomes you in and brings you a cozy feeling that makes me feel like I'd never want to leave this kitchen.

Find on IG @_Rafterhouse_

8. Old-World Emerald

Are you noticing a theme with all the green paint colors in kitchens? This color trend is one I hope to see even more of in 2020! I love this kitchen from @theblackhouseonthecorner

The entire space has such a charming old-world feel to it that I can't get enough of. I appreciate how open they left the walls to lead your eyes towards the 10' ceilings. This kitchen has been a favorite of mine for awhile!

9. Timeless and Tranquil White Kitchen

I've seen this @hellolovelystudio kitchen so many times while scrolling through that explore feed. I swear every kitchen feature account has made at least one post about this beauty of a kitchen. And for good reason! It's a bright and clean design that immediately catches your eye and makes you want more.

I love the tile on the back of the island, the blue range, and the amazing rustic wooden posts around the sink/window!

10. Mixed Metals

I love a good white-on-white kitchen. There's something so clean and open about this style choice that I love dearly. This kitchen by @reems_design perfectly executes the white-on-white look with their white shaker cabinets, marble countertops, and marble herringbone backsplash.

My favorite part of this kitchen is that they weren't afraid to mix their gold light fixtures with the satin nickel hardware and plumbing fixtures. Gone are the days of needing everything to match!

Find on IG @reems_design


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