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[Digital Flip] DIY Fail on Salisbury Ranch Kitchen Built in 1970s

When I came across the photo of the outside of this ranch home in Salisbury, NC I was not prepared for what the inside would look like. From the outside, the home looks like it would have outdated oak stained cabinets from the 70s that needed a little updating. I was very wrong to assume that.

I am not lying when I say I audibly gasped when I clicked through the listings photos and saw the kitchen. Keep scrolling if you're brave enough to face the DIY that someone did to these cabinets.

*GASP* Okay, I respect anyone who attempts a DIY project. Paint projects can and do go wrong all the time if you don't do enough research and prepping. Unfortunately, this project just isn't quite one I'd call a "Pinterest Success."

Someone clearly got a little too creative one day while looking at their bare white cabinets and thought, "But what if they were camouflage?"

In my opinion, that question should never be asked when it comes to interior design to begin with, let alone executed. Whoever did this took some forest green paint and slapped it on with a sponge. While I appreciate a DIY effort, this kitchen needs some love.

The home was listed for just under $100,000 so I didn't want to put anything too high end in this kitchen, but really wanted to clean it up and give it a "fun" look, since I know this is what the person who painted the cabinets was trying to achieve.


Our Wolf Builder's Mark cabinetry line was a great fit for this home because its particle board construction and half overlay door style puts it in a low price point, in line the home's value.


I love the contrast between light and dark, and chose Steel Gray granite for the slight speckling, durability, and great price point.


Wanting to keep the "fun" energy in this kitchen, I thought a pattered tile would be the best option. I love this blue and grey on white tile from Floor and Decor!

The Results



I love using open shelving in a smaller kitchen to keep it from feeling too claustrophobic and open up the wall space. Updating this kitchen to have less wall cabinets allows the hood to be the focus of the room and really emphasizes the beautiful wall tile.

One of my biggest pet peeve's in a kitchen is the cabinets crowding the window casing. I like to keep my cabinets a few inches to let the light flow into the room.

Tell me what you think of this digital flip! Should I have left it alone? Would you have done it different? I always love to hear your opinions!


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