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7 Tricks to Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Hotel

When you're staying at a hotel, you expect to have a beautiful room that's fresh and clean waiting for you to arrive. Your stay should make you feel relaxed, pampered, and refreshed. Who wouldn't want to take that vacation feel and bring it into your home for daily rejuvenation without having to shell out some $$$ for the same thing?

I've put together a list of 7 little things you can do to your bathroom (without breaking the bank or losing your deposit) to bring the sanctuary into your space.

1. Keep it Clean

This is one of those no-brainers but is one no one wants to do. Trust me, it is *so* worth it. Start this weekend by digging out those rubber gloves and bleach and get to work on your bathroom.

Getting all that piled up dust off the floor, scrubbing the grout and tile in the shower, and finally getting around to cleaning the stray toothpaste off your bathroom mirror will make a huge difference in your space.

It also will make you feel a lot better about relaxing in your space now that there's nothing lingering to gross you out while sipping wine and setting off a bath bomb. After all, you'd expect a hotel bathroom to be squeaky-clean upon your arrival.

2. Treat Yo Self

Oh, did someone say bath bomb? I'll take ten, or on second thought, just give me all of them. You know how hotel bathrooms always are stocked up with mini soaps and shampoos? Treat yourself and be sure to stock your bathroom with your favorite bathroom spa essentials.

From face masks and specialty soaps, to nail polish and bath salts, you're going to want to keep these items you love nearby and on display beautifully to help ease you after a stressful day. Don't forget to keep the essentials on hand as well: Q-Tips, cotton balls, extra toilet paper, floss, etc. I like to keep these items in an obvious spot so my guests feel welcome when they come to visit.

3. Swap Out Your Old Ratty Linens for New Fluffy White Ones

So many people are scared to go white with their linens because they're worried about staining. You too? Worry no more, white linens are actually the perfect choice in a bathroom.

White linens are going to brighten up your space and make you feel clean. The best part of using white is that when they start to look a little dingy, you can easily bleach them to get that pure white back. Don't forget to keep some black washcloths as well for us makeup wearers to wash our face without ruining your towels.

4. Decorate with Purpose

From my experience, bathrooms are one of the rooms of the house you set up to be functional when you first move in, and then completely forget to decorate it. I've seen many bathrooms with the same beige walls from the move-in date, no wall decor, and only a dusty scented candle sitting on the back of the toilet or on a vanity. Let's please end this madness.

Remember that you're wanting this room to be like a hotel sanctuary and start thinking about items that would put you in your zen mode. When I'm decorating a room, I like to find one item that I am obsessed with, then theme the room around that one item.

For my own bathroom, I found a beautiful white shower curtain with a grey pattern on it at target that was very minimal and I couldn't put it back on the rack. I bought it and themed the rest of my bathroom around that one piece, keeping the colors of my bathroom in the grey neutrals, put up a black typographic print, added some wood accents, and brought in a little color with little succulents and vintage glass jars to even out the space.

Find your favorite item for your bathroom and go to town with filling in the details surrounding it.

5. Bring the Outside Inside

Speaking of plants, did you know that there are specific types of plants that thrive in humidity? If you've got a window in your bathroom to allow some natural lighting, this will be the perfect option for you! Head to your local plant nursery and beeline towards the tropical plant section to get your hands on a new green friend or two. Ferns, aloe vera, snake plants, Chinese evergreens, and croton will all do well in your humid bathroom.

If you're looking to really amp up the spa experience, you can hang some eucalyptus branches behind your shower head to release its oils with the steam from your shower.

6. Make it Smell Nice

Get scent-y and fill the bathroom with items that will help you relax and unwind. Find essential oils that help with your mood and use them in a beautiful oil diffuser. Pick candles that you both love the smell of, and find visually appealing.

When it comes to relaxing, all the little details matter. Swap out your ugly candles you bought on clearance three years ago, and replace them with candles you love to look at. Trust me, you'll love the difference it makes.

7. Get into a Bathrobe

I can't stress this one enough. If you're still getting ready in a towel or oversized t-shirt, it's time to upgrade and pamper yourself in a robe. All the fancy hotels provide one for you, it's your turn to provide one for yourself. Wearing a robe while I get ready in the morning is the ultimate act of self care for me. Try it, you won't be disappointed.


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