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7 Things I Want After Visiting Taliesin House

1. Indoor Plants

Frank Lloyd Wright loved to incorporate nature indoors to blend nature with architecture. I absolutely adored this plant corner in the entryway that brings in so much natural light.

2. Southwestern Color Scheme

The Taliesin house is full of reds, yellows, blues, and natural greens complimented by natural wood and stone. Even though this house is built outside of Spring Green, WI, the house very much has the feel of the southwest.

3. Barrel Chairs

In addition to being an architect, Frank Lloyd Wright also designed his own furniture. Throughout the house, I kept seeing these beautiful barrel chairs he designed and I couldn't get enough of them!

4. A Soaker Pool

Who doesn't want a pool right outside of their office to dip in on a hot day? I for sure do. This one was so beautifully designed to fit in with the architecture it felt like you were transported to your own luxury spa.

5. Geometric Accents

This house is filled with clever and beautiful accents that really set the home apart from the normal. I loved how subtle a lot of the geometric elements melded into the home's design. These triangles to separate car spaces was a favorite of mine!

6. Decorative Doors

I've always been a fan of being a little extra, and these symmetrical trimmed doors make my heart happy.

7. A View Like This!

I'm a lover of tall buildings and the bustle of a city, but it'll never be able to beat the wide open views and calm that this view brings.

If you have the opportunity to visit Taliesin House in Wisconsin, don't hesitate to go! Anyone who's a lover of midcentury design and architecture will appreciate the home in the hills. I found so much inspiration during my time there that I had a hard time narrowing this list down to only 7!


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