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Kitchen Lighting from Wayfair - 2020 Favorites


Farmhouse style lends itself to a lot of different interpretation with so many styles available including rustic, industrial, modern, glam, etc. There are lots of possibilities! Your take on a farmhouse design is totally up to your personal preference. A lot of the popular finishes are matte black, oil rubbed bronze, and satin nickel. This lighting collection features a lot of rustic and schoolhouse looks for your home.


The beauty of the 50s has come back with midcentury-modern styles dominating a lot of the work we do. The throwback is beautifully executed with matte black and gold finishes. These lights will complete your mid-century home.


Scandinavian styles just warm my heart the neutral color palette and introduction of natural textures makes me feel so grounded and calm to settle into. These lights where chosen to compliment a Scandinavian kitchen style with a minimalist color scheme.


I love modern styles for the minimalism and simple color palettes. My favorite finishes in the modern look are matte black, glossy white, polished chrome, and subtle accents of champagne gold. The lights I selected for my favorites in this collection were chosen for their linear shapes and bold look in a kitchen.


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