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[Digital Flip] 1960's Winston-Salem Ranch Style Home

This charming little brick home on in Winston-Salem listed for $255,000 quickly grabbed my attention online for it's potential. I absolutely adore homes that don't offer a lot of space, but have room to grow it's personality.

The wallpaper in the kitchen was the first thing I knew needed to go! Wallpaper is back in style for sure, but these walls have seen better days.

The soffit in this room really makes the space feel squished down and cramped. The kitchen itself is pretty tiny, so opening up the wall between the dining room and getting rid of the desk area was a must. Also why is the refrigerator sticking out in the middle of the room?? We'll fix that.

The Reveal

With the home value being around $250,000, I wanted to maximize the "wow-factor" of the kitchen so that it was a space that your guests and family want to hang out in while you're whipping up a meal. Replacing the former desk area with a peninsula allows two people to sit comfortably and stay out of your way while you're cooking.

Brining the cabinets to the ceiling make the room feel larger by drawing your eyes up. I always love a little open shelving to display things you love and show off a bit of your style.

Gone is the awkward layout where the fridge sticks out into your walkway! Now you can cook with a beautiful glass tile backsplash and have a little more counter space to work with in the kitchen. I chose not to use wall cabinets around the hood to keep the light and airy feel in the kitchen without boxing in the hood.

Project Breakdown

The work that would need to be done to make this project a reality is:

  • Demo of current kitchen

  • Patching flooring, repairing ceiling

  • Removing half the wall separating the dining room

  • Installation of new cabinetry and countertops

This home is a perfect fit for Waypoint Living Spaces cabinetry. I chose to use a full overlay transitional door style in their white paint.

What do you think of this kitchen remodel? Would you want to cook in the new kitchen? Leave us your thoughts!


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