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Designer Tips for Mixing Metal Finishes in your Kitchen and Bath

Finishes come up in design meetings frequently. Questions like, "What color faucets go with the honey bronze hardware on my cabinets?". Or, "I want to go with gold lighting and stainless appliances, what color will look good for cabinet hardware?" This is not a cut and dried answer and may be based more on personal preference. One way is to take a look at other parts of the house. Do you have a lot of black metal accents? If so, add in a gold or silver finish to complement that. Try to stick to 2 main finishes throughout the entire home. Adding one more additional finish with accent pieces or using it in smaller areas such as a powder room.

Textures or finish in your backsplash, countertops, flooring or other areas might also help you decide what metal you use to complement those items. I love bright shiny finishes like chrome which has a cool hue or polished nickel which pulls warmer, in a bathroom. It sets a timeless and luxurious tone for the room.

One thing to keep in mind is that faucets, hardware and lighting may not be available in all styles and finishes. You also may pay more for a trendy faucet in gold versus the same faucet in a satin nickel option. Try to stay budget minded when choosing finishes and spend your money where it will create the most happiness.

For kitchens, another consideration is the general style and look of the cabinetry. Are you leaning more farmhouse and rustic? Then matte black, pewter, oil-rubbed or antiqued may be the choice for you. Modern cabinetry with sleek lines will work well with silver, gold or black finishes. Warm tones like gold can add a playful punch.

Our showroom has a variety of hardware options on display in every budget. We would love to help you find something that will add your own personality into your project!

Amanda Zubke


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